Question of the week #6 – 16th May 2016

Having dealt with a case study in the previous week, lets move to the ‘attitude’ part in civil services syllabus. This week’s question is based on Attitude. Following week, I will also be sharing with you the literature that would help you in framing the arguments for your answers.

As civil services aspirant, you must be well aware of the importance of writing practise. Therefore, you can write your answer in the comment box below. I will try to address each of them individually. Then following week, you can try re-writing it with the help of reading material.

Having said so, the question of the week is:

How to reframe your attitude when you cannot change your situation?

Try writing!

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  1. Attitude s something how we look at anything. It is more f thought. It may change with tym , situation n it varies with parson to person at d same tym at same situation.
    Same thing whatever it is can b looked at different angles , dft aspects. Thinking d positive sides, looking frm positive angle lead to positive attitude n negetive thouthts to negetive attitude. Anything hv two sides f d same coin. Positive times negetive things bad things .
    Position attitude carries positive results so its important to hv dis attitude. Being analytical logical person its obvious to look both sides. But positive attitude to a work s able to increase my % of success in getting dat job done like 50% to 60% and negetive attitude ll decrease 50% to 40%.
    So its necessary to frame d attitude in positive way whatever d situation s.
    It can only b framed through thinking in ritht way as swami vivekananda rigjty said – we r made up of our thoughts.what we think we become. So always take care f what u think.
    For example I know dat clearing d civil service exam s vry tough n only 0.001% get d ias n rest99.99% gets if I think positively dat toppers r vry much human being lk us ..not frm.mars or jupitar. N thinking about giving my 100% without thinking of result ll lead m work hard.
    However it takes tym to buld our mind in dat way.

    1.For dat bejng wt positive people who lk motivate m not discourage s important
    2.Reading d lifes n quotes f great persons lke a p j abdul kalam n swami vivekananda.
    3.thknking about my success (however small it is) confidence s down
    N thinkin about failures n learings frm it when confidence s up
    Coz confidence should b in d right limit . Over conference n lack f conference both ll leaf to failure
    So lastly it depends on our willpower .if we want it we can change mind in d posituve way. Lastly Burning desire n strong wilpower may change anything as we know “if there s will there s way”

  2. Human tendency, in general, is to blame the external situation for their most of the problems. It may be non-performance in academics, inability to handle family relationships, mismanagement of Finance, underperformance in job etc.
    However, the blame lies not only to the external situation, which is generally outside our control, but predominantly on our attitude, which is under our control.This calls for reframing our attitude by shedding the existing one.
    The way to reframe it are as under:
    1. Positive approach : Whatever be the situation , one must inculcate habit of finding something positive(i.e. something beneficial) in any aspect. Ex. In case of Failure in exam, onr must positively analyse his or her mistakes and working on them. Mere cursing the day of exam or type of questions will not be of help.

    2. A balanced approach : One should not get overwhelmed by the situation around him or her. Striking a balance between the circumstances and the goal is a reflection of maturity and right frame of mind.

    3. Accepting the reality : One must accept the reality as it is. It should be clear that the situation around can’t be change at that particular moment because the factors that are needed to control it are out of the reach.

    Having said so, if the above ways are incorporated in the behaviour, one will be change his/her attitude in a positive direction. This may even result into capacity of changing the situation as well in the long term.

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