Best recommended books for Ethics

Best recommended books for Ethics

Best recommended books for Ethics are mentioned in this post. We will discuss about the most – read/best recommended books for GS Paper IV – Ethics. Wherever possible, we will also provide you a link from where you can buy these books.

General Studies Paper 4 in UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination revolves around Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. It is comparatively easy to score higher marks in this paper, than other General studies papers.

The Best recommended books for Ethics IAS GS Paper IV

  1. Ethics for Dummies (For beginners) – This book is Best recommended books for Ethics  to start with.
  2. Ethics in Public Administration by Patrick J Sheeran (After your basics are a little clear)
    1. This book is divided into two parts – theory and case studies. It is important to have a basic understanding of concepts before going through this book.
  3. In second ARC Report – Ethics in Governance part
  4. Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration: Concept and Cases by Raymond W Cox 

How to study Ethics for GS Mains 2018?

We are writing various posts that will surely help you in Ethics – GS Mains 2018 and specifically for UPSC IAS Mains 2018. In our earlier posts, we have given a strategy to study ethics for GS Mains 2018. Here, we are giving various books for your reference. It is important for you to know that which sources are reliable. Do not randomly pick and read through various sources. Do not forget to go through MK Mohanty’s class notes on ethics. Remember to use as many of real life incidents as examples in your answer. This can be your life as well as the lives of great leaders. 

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