How to study for ethics paper?

How to study for ethics paper?  (GS Paper IV for UPSC Mains 2018)

How to study for ethics paper? – By changing your strategy for ETHICS paper UPSC Mains 2018

Ever since the introduction of Ethics paper in UPSC Civil Services Mains General Studies, it has been a roller coaster ride – always wondering How to study for ethic paper?When introduced, no one had any idea about it. Everyone was confused about how to study for Ethics GS Paper IV for UPSC Mains.

Sample question paper released

Aspirants were in dilemma – what to read, where to read from, how will the questions be like, etc. But then UPSC released a sample question paper – which seemed quite easy. The exam papers were also quite easy. Aspirants started thinking that you really don’t need to prepare for this paper and just go to the exam hall and pour your thoughts on the paper. The successful candidates of CSE also suggested the same thing. So the rumour -no need to study for the exam- got strengthened.

Till 2015, the exam papers were comparatively easy and candidates managed to get good scores too – by which we mean 100+. 2016 onwards, UPSC started changing the type of questions. Now, even though some of the topics might be the same from which the question has been framed, the difficulty level of question has increased.

Moreover, due to the dearth of good answers, UPSC evaluators also aren’t being able to give good score. This has resulted into a low score of candidates in Ethics – GS Paper IV. Here comes the need to improvise our strategy to prepare for Ethics – GS Paper IV paper.

Like any other GS paper, the answer to How to study for ethicspaper? is that it demands studying – though not as many hours as other GS papers. This paper aspires to shape the entire personality and attitude of an aspirant. Those who say that if a person is honest, then honesty will be reflected on the paper – that’s actually being too naïve.

Why is it important to know How to study for ethics paper?

One thing we need to keep in mind – it’s not the conclusion but the process/arguments through which you reach the conclusion – is important. For e.g., we know lying is bad, but lying to save someone’s life isn’t bad. Same way lying for larger good also is not bad. Now, in order to develop our thought process so that the argument comes to our mind on its own – in simpler terms, it means to evolve our thought process so that it becomes easier to answer in the examination hall – we need to study. Otherwise, we will keep ourselves limited to only lying is bad, stealing is unhealthy, etc.

Now, let’s focus on How to study for ethics paper? – GS Paper IV for UPSC Mains 2018 

TIME TO CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY FOR How to study for ethics paper? UPSC MAINS 2018

  1. Syllabus

Go through the UPSC syllabus for this paper thoroughly in order to understand the demands of this paper.

2. Ethics UPSC Previous Year Papers

Once you have done that, then go through the previous year papers of Ethics – GS Paper IV for UPSC Mains. You will see that the questions were fairly straight and easy till 2015. After that, the pattern of questions changes.

Earlier, where there was no need for specific studying/academic study, we could figure out from the questions now that we need specific studying. So, the time to change our strategy for How to study ethics paper?to approach this paper has also come. You cannot simply overview things and go for the exam.

3. Right approach for UPSC Ethics paper

Pay attention to case studies. We will also tell you about how to approach case studies in another article. For now, it’s important to understand that in case studies, more important than conclusion is/are the argument(s) through which you are reaching your conclusion.

Build up your answer/argument in such manner that it represents a coherent flow of thoughts.Not only within a particular answer, but throughout your answer script. So, your stand as an ethical human being, with integrity and required aptitude to becomes a civils servant should be evident in your entire answer script.

4. Go through some basic books for Ethics

Ethics for Dummies is the best to begin with about How to study for ethics?For detailed list of books – click here

How to study for ethic paper?
Ethics for Dummies cover page

5. Keep a track of ethical issues in News

stay updated on latest developments in India and the world regarding ethical issues. You need to write a note on them in your own words, with personal observations. There can either be a straight question or you can quote them as examplesin your answer

6. Writing Practice with MK Mohanty

This paper requires a proper insight and introspection. It goes way beyond rote learning. The exam paper will include questions to test aspirants attitude and approach towards the following issues – probity in public life, ethics in private relationships, integrity, problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts faced and decision making in such situations, etc. Questions will be direct and in case related formats to determine these aspects.

Share your thoughts with us! We will be more than happy to receive a feedback too! Your words of appreciation and encouragement means a lot to our Us!

You can also do answer writing practice for UPSC IAS Mains by clicking here – Ethics Assignment. Write the answers in comment box.

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