Assignment Ethics UPSC Mains 2018

Assignment Ethics UPSC Mains 2018

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice for Ethics

IAS Exam: Preparation for Mains Exam 2018 (UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice)

Welcome you to Synergy’s initiative for preparation of IAS exam. To help the aspirants and guide them in a necessary way, we have taken this initiative of answer writing practise. With CSE Mains 2018 a few months ahead, lets start writing and getting it evaluated by MK Mohanty sir himself. If you follow this initiative regularly, be assured that you will do well. You will also realise that Ethics GS Paper IV is the most scoring of all General Studies papers of UPSC Civil services. Assignment Ethics UPSC Mains 2018 – MK Mohanty

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice

Assignment: Ethics 

 QuestionI am a God fearing human being and I don’t do anything that will anger the almighty. This is how I remain moral. I want the whole world to be religious. That will make everyone to leave violence, killing, cheating, lying and abusing. This will bring in peace and well being. Comment. 

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