UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice – Ethics

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice – Ethics

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Welcome you to Synergy’s initiative for preparation of IAS exam. To help the aspirants and guide them in a necessary way, we have taken this initiative of answer writing practise. With CSE Mains 2018 a few months ahead, lets start writing and getting it evaluated by MK Mohanty sir himself. If you follow this initiative regularly, be assured that you will do well. You will also realise that Ethics GS Paper IV is the most scoring of all General Studies papers of UPSC Civil services. UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice – Ethics

Assignment: Ethics 

Do you think Aristotle’s moral philosophy helped to explain number of social malpractices and failure in administration in India? 

Reading References:

Aristotle thought that virtues are habits and good life is a life of mindless routine. So his theory, like Plato focuses on virtue, recommending the virtuous way of life by its relation to happiness. According to Aristotle, virtue is a mean. The mean is a state of clarification and apprehension in the midst of pleasure and pains. This allows one to judge what seems most truly pleasant or painful. Achieving good character is a process of clearing away the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving full efficacy of the soul.

Some videos for having a better understanding of Aristotle and his theory:

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