PA – Terms/Concepts

PA – Terms/Concepts 

This page deals with important PA – Terms/Concepts. We are sharing some important terms/concepts in Public Administration. These can be used to understand the basic concepts and theories in Public Administration from UPSC IAS point of view. We have also started our Daily Answer writing practise for UPSC IAS Mains. You can post your answer and write in the comment box too. Feel free to share if you like and drop your feedback!

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  1. Flickering Authority (PA – Terms/Concepts )

This is enabled in managers within the organisation because of the advent of information technology. Computer frees the managers from mundane duties and furnishes them with information that they can use more potently than ever before. With more information and more time to think and create, managers become more powerful. But such advantage to managers “flicker” within the organisation’s management structure. So as Withington say,”…He who has the idea is the one who temporarily has the authority to control with its analysis…”

2. Pygmalion effect (PA – Terms/Concepts ) 

Pygmalion effect: it means causing something to happen by believing in it. It has very often been observed in case of social relationships that when one strongly believes in the other, then they tend to live up to the expectations. This explains why optimistic leaders are more likely to have successful followers and pessimistic leaders tend to have bunch of losers.

3Laissez-faire Leadership (PA – Terms/Concepts )

This is a non interfering leadership style. Under this leadership style subordinates enjoy maximum freedom or autonomy…Click to read more.

4. Learning Organisation (PA – Terms/Concepts )

It refers to such organisations within which we and creative thinking is nurtured, and members of the organisation…Click to read more.

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